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Liz Robertson

Liz robertson
Cricket Hill Pottery
2910 Brick Mason Ln
Asbury, IA 52002
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From my early childhood I seemed to have understood that clay when put to fire makes a permanent thing. 60 years later I am still discovering clay.

I began my career as an art educator in the Dubuque Community schools. Art Fairs served to extend that income during the summer and I gradually found I could make a living in clay. I left teaching in 1974 and became a full-time potter/mother.

I enjoy hand-constructed pots and occasionally use a wheel turned shape as a component. I make these clay forms within shapes that are sewn or made on the wheel and bisque fired. I employ over 100 colors of glaze selecting a “Pallet” for each work. Firing is done with Electric, Gas reduction, or Raku depending on the desired result.

We live in an overly processed world of short cuts. Society has a disconnection with it’s understanding of how a thing is made and from what. The hand maker has the advantage of making an item and experiencing its problem solving process from the beginning to the end. This freedom also allows for creativity to flow uninterrupted to an intimately personal conclusion that is esthetically pleasing. This human connection is a major selling point for handmade work. My customers meet me, can ask a question and take home something unique and lasting.

pottery tour
October 18-20
Twenty Dirty Hands

Elizabeth & Galena, IL
Hazel Green, WI 
Dubuque, Asbury & Maquoketa, IA

Cricket Hill Pottery
2910 Brick Mason Ln

Asbury, IA 52002

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