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Christina Lemmon

Christina is on sabbatical for the 2023 tour.

Christina lemmon
Dubuque, IA 52001
FB: LemmonMade Pottery

IG: LemmonMade Pottery

I studied ceramics at California University of Pennsylvania. After obtaining my bachelors degree in 1999, I moved to Iowa to study pottery with Master Potter, Ken Bichell. 

The foundation of my work is motivated by everyday life and the people I encounter, as well as objects I am drawn to through their form or function. While the majority of my ware is created using the potter’s wheel, I also hand build or combine the two methods to achieve the effect I am striving for. As a means to find my own personal balance, my work covers the spectrum through the creation of functional work that varies between tight, simple forms to loose and organic-looking forms.  

I frequently use contrast as a design element, whether it be contrasting elements in the design of the form or contrast of the form to how it is glazed and/or fired. I prefer all of my pieces to be finished in earth tones, sometimes adding dark slips and stains to strengthen the effect.  

All of my pottery is fired to stoneware temperatures in various types of kilns. My pottery is lead free, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

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